Google Drive

One essential way to enhance your experience with Google Apps is to incorporate Google Drive. It is a simple, easy to learn online storage system, similar to Dropbox. Users can upload files onto Google Drive, organize them into folders, and open them on other devices, including fairly smooth transitioning between Windows, iOS, and Android systems. This makes Google Drive perfect for backing up important files, as they can always be downloaded again in the case a hardware malfunction. Drive is also an effective tool for collaborative projects. Uploaded files can be easily shared with other users, who can then view and download them in their own Google Drive. This is similar to Google Docs, which hosts text, spreadsheet, and slideshow files online to allow sharing with multiple users and devices. However, Google Drive differs in that it does not support live updating (edited files must be reuploaded) while allowing a greater variety of file types to be stored and allowing file organization in folders. With a free 5 gigabytes and an extra 25 gigabytes included with a paid Google Apps plan, Drive is a simple, cost effective way to store and share all of your important files online.